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  • Powerful Guest Content

    Powerful Guest Content

    Publishers can utilize the personality, creativity, and influence of guest authors through compelling guest video content.

  • Boost Rankings

    Boost Rankings

    Guest posters receive links and exposure, site owners get great content, and both parties see SEO benefits. It's a win-win.

  • Build Connections

    Build Connections

    Anyone can easily connect with publishers, webmasters, vloggers, bloggers, and other marketers to build valuable contacts.

High Quality Content and Links; It’s That Simple.

Vlogger LinkUp is a simple tool that helps achieve powerful results. We started Vlogger LinkUp to help facilitate the exchange and creation of powerful guest video posts for high quality links.

With years of experience in search engine marketing we know what works. Avoid penalties from Google and other search engines by actually providing value through awesome content.

Submit offers and requests for guest videos for free on Vlogger LinkUp. Once moderated your request or offer will be included in our free daily newsletter.




The Perks of Membership

All of our members receive awesome perks, here are some of the benefits for publishers and blog owners:

  • Receive free, exclusive videos. Vlogger LinkUp promotes the exchange of unique guest videos.
  • Increase traffic and authority. Videos are a powerful tool to help increase visibility in search rankings and to help garner traffic.
  • Build relationships. Use our newsletter and forums as an opportunity to network and build lasting high level content relationships.
  • Stay ahead of the curve. Get a head start providing valuable videos while others remain focused on textual content and graphics.


Here’s How it Works

We’re all about simplicity. Vlogger LinkUp is completely free to submit offers and requests for guest videos, no strings attached. To get started:

  • Sign up for our free newsletter
  • Check newsletter daily to submit proposals to either offered or requested guest videos
  • Execute requests in queries and receive either a guest video or link
  • Enjoy your powerful content or link

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Supreme Quality and Strict Moderation

Vlogger LinkUp is strongly committed to maintaining a high standard of quality within our community and our listings. Each guest video request and offer is moderated by a human (not bot) using our strict moderating guidelines.

We want our community to focus on providing high quality content not filtering spammy requests and offers. Receive only the best from Vlogger Linkup.

#SEOtis Training

After two-years of crazy workloads and high client turnover Otis decided he wanted a change. Unfortunately he was armed with a false sense of expertise and complacency. Otis needs help.

We want to help online marketers like Otis receive high quality, innovative training to help push them to new levels. Each article is crafted with Otis in mind to help instruct and improve certain online marketing areas.


"Checking the Vlogger LinkUp newsletter is one of the first things I do in the morning. The quality of the listings is awesome. "
Chase Sagum

Q: What is Vlogger LinkUp?

A: Vlogger LinkUp, in its simplest form, is a powerful newsletter that enables publishers, web masters, vloggers, marketing agencies, and bloggers to connect and exchange guest videos for links.

Q: Am I guaranteed a link?

A: We cannot guarantee links but we can facilitate the meeting and exchange of content and links. The fulfillment of terms are completely between you and the listing author or company when you answer a query from our newsletter email

Q: How much does Vlogger LinkUp cost?

A: Vlogger LinkUp is absolutely FREE! Our newsletter signup is 100% free, as well as requesting and offering guest videos; no strings attached.

Q: How does Vlogger LinkUp make money?

A: Vlogger LinkUp, in its beginning stages, will make money through affiliate offers in its emails and on its site. However, at this stage we are more concerned with building a healthy and thriving community in an effort to add real value to the web.

Q: What type of videos are offered in the newsletter?

A: There are multiple video types offered in the newsletter. Vlogs, motion graphic, tutorials, promotional videos, and many more are available.

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